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PROMEGA 2+ is here, right now

Rich, vibrant sounds. Swift usability on stage. Handcrafted quality from Finland. This is what professional digital stage piano for discerning ears is made of. Promega 2+ is right here, right now.

Playability that musicians need

Promega 2+ is quick and easy to use thanks to its large and user-friendly main panel, large buttons and the reduced need to access any digital menus. Everything you need for your performance is right there at your fingertips. Just the way you need it to be. Whether it is dark or suddenly brighter than day, you simply remember where to move your hand for the sound or modulation you need.

Unmatched sound for pros

Professional musicians perform for listeners. Listeners that detect nuances, enjoy vibrancy, are sensitive to dynamic range and appreciate authenticity. We at Generalmusic take our business very seriously. And our business is to create amazing tools for professional musicians. Our tools produce unmatched deep, vibrant and rich sounds. These sounds are produced by break-through technologies processed by UpDrake.

Under the hood,
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Realtime physical modelling powered by UpDRAKE

Generalmusic’s digital signal processing (DSP) technology is on a level of innovation all its own and the science involved originates in major European and American universities. UpDRAKE (Upgraded-DSP-Risc-Advanced-Keyboard-Engine) processes sampled database piano sounds and builds authentic sound models on top of the samples in real time. This is why Promega 2+ sounds impeccably authentic and models the typical behaviour of acoustic pianos in great detail.

For example the famous Italian 10' concert grand and many other heritage piano sounds have been generated by combining sample playback and physical modelling techniques; Natural String Resonance, Filter Algorithm Dynamic Emulation, Advanced Release Technology and Damper Physical Model.


Natural String Resonance


Because of Generalmusic’s unique physical modelling technology, the result is musically accurate simulation of a piano soundboard with infinite harmonics. All of the complex harmonics produced by a soundboard of a piano will be reproduced by NSR. Note’s individual sound will always be slightly different depending on which other notes are currently held and consequently "un-damped" and therefore free to resonate in sympathy with the note played.


Filter Algorithm Dynamic Emulation


FADE provides seamless transition from pianissimo to fortissimo without any audible source switching. At the heart of the FADE engine is an extensive database, which looks up the precise harmonic content of any note played at any specific velocity level. When a note is played, the engine analyses the velocity of a key-strike and constructs a model of the harmonic content for that note at the unique velocity.


Advanced Release Technology


ART replicates perfectly sound of a piano string stopped by a damper. In an acoustic piano strings are silenced when a damper touches a string. Depending on how hard a key was struck and the length of the string, certain frequencies are damped earlier than others and some frequencies are even accentuated. A distinctive harmonic ring is produced and ART simulates it accurately.


Damper Physical Model


When the damper pedal is pressed, DPM accurately reproduces the acoustic effect of sympathetic resonance of the strings vibrating. The effect is similar to the that of the real concert Grand Piano.


  • 88 keys with graded hammer action
  • 160 notes polyphony
  • 45 sounds in total (128mb pcm of stereo/mono samples and physical modeling sounds)
  • 64 presets + 64 user programmable presets
  • 3 sections: pianos, vintage keys, bass/orchestra
  • operating modes: single, split (programmable), layer
  • controls: volume, input volume, pitch bend, modulation wheel, 4 faders, 5 virtual-pots, 4 eq bars, transpose, tune, system, midi
  • touch: 3 levels + user
  • digital effects: 15 reverbs + 15 programmable pro effects, with separate sends, 4 band graphic digital equalizer
  • physical modeling: stereo damper physical model, natural strings resonance, advanced release technology, fft merge, amp simulation, FADE (filter algorhythm dynamic emulation)
  • OLED -display
  • connections: 2 headphones, stereo out (trs balanced), 2 x aux out, digital out, stereo input with gain control, 2 x USB (midi & system), midi in out thru
  • 3 programmable pedals
  • upgradeable operating system
  • dimensions: 1270 x 120 x 410 mm / 50 x 4,7 x 16,1"
  • weight: 22,8 kg / 50,3 lbs
  • optional accessory: volume pedal, professional volume pedal, sustain pedal, sustain pedal piano type, triple pedal, promega series pedal unit, soft case with wheel, metal stand

Space age quality. From Finland

Promega 2+ electronic components pass strict industrial IPC2 level standards with flying colors. IPC2 electronics are normally only used in industrial robots and machinery. This level of quality in electronic components mean that they stand the test of time and are durable and reliable. To put it another way, many of the satellites orbiting our Earth are built of IPC2 standard parts.

Moreover, Promega 2+ is handcrafted in Salo, Finland. Salo may not be a first choice tourist destination, but it is renowned for top-notch engineering and the manufacturing capabilities which helped Nokia become the dominant player in the telecom sector in the early 2000s. We are building on that heritage, employing the sharpest minds to design and improve our products, together with Italian swapp-engineers, who were part of the original DRAKE development team.

Modular designs. Easy maintenance.

The build quality is top notch, but faults occur even in the best designs. We are all prepared for those rare situations when something does fail. Promega 2+ is a modular design. If a circuit breaks or a button malfunctions, it only takes an ordinary local radio/TV electrician to swap out the broken part. For the three (3) years warranty period for registered instruments, we will deliver that part for you free of charge as soon as we can. This way avoids you having to ship your instrument to the other side of the world and us having to ship it all the way back. This way we'll both be happy.

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